Feature Spotlight: Case Reviews

Feature Spotlight: Case Reviews

Establishing a process to review cases in Trackops can help identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you’ll capture useful data that can provide valuable marketing statistics and help promote your services to both new and existing clients. The case reviews feature in Trackops gives subscribers the tools to accurately measure case results, investigator efficiency and the health of your client relationships.

Establish Your Expectations: Case reviews provide an opportunity to measure important metrics and goals on each case through a series of user defined questionnaires. These questionnaires can then be examined through reporting to measure employee performance and client expectations.

Maintain Healthy Client Relations: Using the case review system can give you an immediate snapshot of how well your company is performing for your clients. Find and address issues and before they turn into problems, and boost your clients’ confidence in your product.

Market Your Successes: Gain new clients through your measured successes by promoting your stellar track record. Grow and nurture existing customers and gain their referrals.

If you’re not already using case reviews to evaluate your cases, learn more about case reviews, and get started today!