Trackops October Video Round-up

Improve your Trackops experience by applying these tips and tricks from our YouTube channel. We rounded-up the most recent tutorials and Quick Tips to help you to apply some polish to your case management skills.

Adding an Affiliate Contact

It’s not unusual to bring an an attorney or third party administrator into an investigation. Adding a client contact as an Affiliate Contact allows you to communicate with all parties involved in the investigation.

Scheduling Events with Timezones

It’s crucial for your investigators to arrive on time to scheduled events. It’s especially important to track and schedule your investigators correctly when the are in a timezone different than your own. You can easily schedule your staff for events in other timezones, ensuring they arrive on time for check-ins when using the Trackops mobile app.

Now you can schedule your staff in separate timezones, eliminating confusion associated with start times and check-ins.

Customizing Lists

Need to see more (or less) information on your “Lists” in Trackops? You can customize your display columns when viewing most lists inside Trackops, allowing you to view and sort the information you need quickly.

Task Templates

When you have tasks that you need to accomplish for every case, it can useful to have these auto-generated every time you create a new case in Trackops. You can save time and maintain accuracy by allowing the system to automatically create common tasks.